Dr. Who: Seven/Ace Hurt has become too m

Descending Darkness

Title: Descending Darkness
Author: Sasusc
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: 10th Doctor, Rose Tyler
Words: 347
Summary: A little scene from one of my favorite WIP which is sort of an episode tag for "Doomsday" and so fits into Series 4 theme about alternate realities being created around Donna. It was inspired by Stargate SG-1's episode "Gamekeeper" where they are stuck reliving a painful memory to get the "chance" to change it.
Series: 365 Days of Drabbles, Day Eleven

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SG-A: Michael Yellow Tent

Yellow Butterfly

Title: Yellow Butterfly
Author: Sasusc
Original Work
Words: 259
Summary: Inspired by a yellow butterfly on my balcony in May 2012.
Series: 365 Days of Drabbles, Day Ten

AN: Yes, another cheat for my drabble series...but at least I'm finishing thoughts and plots I wrote awhile ago. **sighs** Two jobs and dealing with a stupid cough that won't go away doesn't give me much time to do anything...and today, I was a little high on cough syrup and a little out of it to think of much to write today.

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Dr. Who: 10 Time Lord

The Oncoming Storm

Title: The Oncoming Storm
Author: Sasusc
Fandom: Merlin
Characters: Merlin, Morgana
Words: 498
Summary: It’s the dawn of a new age, and Merlin has been waiting hundreds of years for Arthur’s return and it’s now it’s finally time for him to awaken.
Series: 365 Days of Drabbles, Day Seven

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AN: As this is part of my 365 Days of Drabbles, whole chapters won't be posted as such. They will be broken down into smaller sections here on my LJ where on ff.net and AO3 will have full chapters posted. This is because it's easier to keep me on track with writing something everyday if I have to post it somewhere each day.