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Writings, Art, and Videos

28 June 1986
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  • sasusc@livejournal.com

Crazy girl who enjoys the fictional world means this journal is mostly a place where I can post my creative ideas. The journal's a public one, but I do friend-lock some entries that deals with my real life. Most of the entries will be of my graphics, vids, and fanfiction (see below). More friends the merrier, so go ahead and friend me if you want too. I may or may not friend back (it'll take too long to read through my friends page for updates to friend everyone).

Name's Samantha, but I go by Sam. Always have and always will. My username? What does Sasusc mean and how do you pronounce it? I don't have a clue how to pronounce it. I made it up using the first two letters in my name. Sa(Samantha)Su(Susan)Sc(my last name). I usually pronounce it as "sue-sack", but sometimes uses my brother's pronouncation of "sah-su-sick". I'm very much like a vampire in that I sleep all day and come out to play at night. Maybe my muses are vampires . . . They work the best at night.

Bones (TV series)
Favorite pairing: Bones/Booth
Haven't posted anything yet, but plans for icons are on their way, and plot bunnies for fics have been multiplying since day one.
CSI: Las Vegas (TV series)
Favorite pairing: Sara/Gil
Icons and videos have been posted, and there are several unfinish fics written sitting in my laptop.
Dragonball Z (Anime)
Favorite pairing: Bulma/Vegeta and Videl/Gohan
My first fanfiction was a DBZ fic. Athough I don't have anything from this fandom posted here, I might add them later.
Firefly (TV series)
Favorite pairing: River/Jayne
Icons, fics, drabbles are every where. This is my current top obsession. I have a video or two in the making.
Harry Potter (Book)
Favorite pairing: Hermione/Severus
No icons as of yet, but I have a ton of fics written. Some have been posted, most haven't.
House, MD (TV series)
Favorite pairing: Cameron/House
Icons, manips, and vids have been posted. As with some mentioned above, fanfiction is on the way.
Stargate SG-1 (TV series)
Favorite pairing: Sam/Jack
This show started it all. My first icons were from SG-1 as well as my first manip and wallpaper. I have fics written, but haven't yet posted them here. One day soon, I hope.
Superman (TV series, Movies)
Favorite pairing: Lois/Clark
Fell in love with Superman from watching Lois and Clark: the New Adventures of Superman, enjoyed Smallville, remember liking the movies, and fell in love all over again watching Superman Returns a year after it came out (had no desire to watch it before then and was bored one day with nothing else to watch). Icons, fics, videos all have been posted.
Doctor Who (TV series)
Favorite pairing: Rose/Doctor
Icons, fics, graphics, etc will be abound. **grins** This is my newest obsession as of July 2008.
Stargate Atlantis (TV series)
Favorite pairing: Michael/Teyla
Icons, fics, graphics--you name it, I just about done it. They are just perfect for each other. And how can anyone resist the tortured anti-hero? (Or the yummy face of Connor Trinner?)
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV Series)
Favorite pairing: Goren/Eames
Icons, fics, graphics hopefully! :P
Twilight (Book/Movie)
Favorite pairing: Um, all canon pairing... I can't pick just one.
Icons, fics, graphics
Merlin (TV Series)
Favorite pairing: Probably one of the first fandoms that makes me confused as to who I want end up together. Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Gwen, Arthur/Merlin, Lancelot/Gwen
Icons, fics
Once Upon A Time (TV Series)
Favorite pairing: Rumpelstiltskin/Belle
Icons, fics

Banner Credit: sasusc, 10/10.5 Back-to-Back manip by: sapphire_child
Mood Theme Credit: cowboyhd

Icons/Manips/Other Graphics Rules
+ Comments and credit equal love and squishy hugs.
+ No hotlinking - please save to your own server.
+ Textless icons are NOT bases. If you want to change or put text on one, tell me what you want in a comment and I'll be happy to add it.
+ Any screencaps I've post are free to use without credit (and I also take request for screencaps as long as its within my powers to do so)

Still/caps are from my own collection (most of my graphics use my own caps althought a few public/other images have been used)
I grab most of my graphic brushes from http://www.deviantart.com/. As I grabbed most of what I used before keeping track, the list below will reflect who I do remember taking from.
http://chrissy79.deviantart.com/ http://solenero73.deviantart.com/
http://www.rainharbour.net http://dead-brushes.deviantart.com/
http://hao08.deviantart.com/ http://xdarkshinesx.deviantart.com/
http://shadymedusa-stock.deviantart.com/ http://ramonka.deviantart.com/
http://www.brushes.obsidiandawn.com/index.htm http://tackybrush.deviantart.com/
http://notfadeaway.deviantart.com/ http://sanami276.deviantart.com/
http://elanordh.deviantart.com/ http://daughterofsnape.deviantart.com/
http://hylin.livejournal.com/ http://77words.deviantart.com/
http://sparklingtea.deviantart.com/ http://chaoticfae.deviantart.com/
http://le-mot-art.deviantart.com/ http://sanami276.deviantart.com/
aaskie freak_flag_fly
http://emiliederavin.deviantart.com/ http://gamblingwithsouls.deviantart.com/
http://evyblack.deviantart.com/ http://shad0w-gfx.deviantart.com
http://buburu.deviantart.com/ folded_arts
elliptica boogieland
papermache http://haydens-hunnie.deviantart.com/
http://chalkandcheese.deviantart.com/ http://spiritsighs-stock.deviantart.com/
http://diebutterfliege.deviantart.com/ http://boyingopaw.deviantart.com/
http://francescapw.deviantart.com/ http://lookslikerain.deviantart.com/
http://sweartoshakeitup.deviantart.com/ http://xsleepingswanx.deviantart.com/
http://keymoon.deviantart.com/ http://notmaggot.deviantart.com/
http://tunichtgut.deviantart.com/ http://ffyunie.deviantart.com/
http://hiimlucifer.deviantart.com/ http://xevergreen.deviantart.com/
http://redshane.deviantart.com/ http://bombay101.deviantart.com/
http://shirirul0ve.deviantart.com/ http://punksafetypin.deviantart.com/
http://isleofyew.deviantart.com/ http://janograf.deviantart.com/
http://my-last-breath.deviantart.com/ http://resurgere.deviantart.com/
http://physicalmagic.deviantart.com/ http://gvalkyrie.deviantart.com/
http://madamem-stock.deviantart.com/ http://ajk-original-stock.deviantart.com/
http://yasny-chan.deviantart.com/ http://desired18.deviantart.com/
http://fantasystock.deviantart.com/ http://ricablack.deviantart.com/
http://angel1592stock.deviantart.com/ http://innocentlexys.deviantart.com/
http://antoicaro.deviantart.com/ http://dissendiun.deviantart.com/
a_gal_icons soacdesigns
hellomrfox white_lilie
seeaseye mentahelada
irati86 dustypaper

All my fics and drabbles are tagged for easy finding with fandom, character(s), title, and with the word fanfiction and drabble. Ratings are clearly marked.
(Links will be posted soon)